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    The Need

    Meet Jack! At just 3 years old, Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after his immune system attacked his pancreas, destroying his body's ability to create insulin. Now he must be pricked at least 15 times a day and injected with insulin multiple times a day to stay alive! Jack and his family are raising money to buy a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD). DAD's are able to smell changes in blood glucose and alert a handler before levels become deadly. A DAD will be a valuable tool Jack's family can use to keep him safe and help manage his Type 1 Diabetes. Please consider a shirt purchase to help! You can learn more about Jack from this recent local news story.

    The Artist

    "I think. I design. I create. I'm a graphic designer living in Plainville, MA who has been a graphic designer/manager for the past 16 years working mainly for a large interior signage company serving major clients, as well as running my own t-shirt design business; Warbucks Design." Be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter and Facebook! Here you can find out about all his latest news, t-shirt designs and concepts as soon as they are available: Twitter: @WarbucksDesign or Facebook.com/WarbucksDesign.