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    The Need


    Alaia Owens was Born on August 2nd, 2023. At 6 weeks old, this sweet baby girl was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. At just 54 days old, she underwent her first procedure called the Kasai, which was performed to try to help drive the flow of bile out of the liver to prevent further damage. Unfortunately for Alaia, this procedure did not work as intended and her family was told she would need a liver transplant before the age of 1.

    Alaia has been in and out of the hospital between (Oishei) Buffalo and Pittsburgh (UPMC) since September 2023 in an attempt to keep her stable and healthy while she waits on the donor transplant list. Funds raised through this campaign will help support Alaia and her family during this time. Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to their online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

    The official foundation of Dion Dawkins, Dion’s Dreamers was founded with the goal of providing mentorship and support to young men and women in underserved communities, as well as those in a place of mental, financial or physical hardship. Dion’s Dreamers also aims to advocate for vulnerable populations by increasing awareness of the environmental issues that directly affect their communities.

    At Trusted Gives, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Buffalo, NY our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families by providing essential resources, support, and assistance through fundraising and community outreach. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to not only address pressing local issues like education, food insecurity, and family support but also to uplift the entire community of non-profits.

    We are proud to forge strong partnerships with other local non-profit organizations in Buffalo, leveraging our collective strengths to create a widespread and sustainable impact. By uniting with these like-minded organizations, we amplify our efforts and extend our reach to transform lives on a broader scale. Our transparent, innovative, and community-driven approach ensures that every dollar raised doesn’t just make a difference but also helps lift up other non-profits, fostering a resilient network of change-makers. Together, we cultivate compassion, empower community growth, and create a brighter future for all.”

    Together we give, Together we grow.