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    The Need

    The CP is a collaborative effort between the YWCA of Greater Johnstown and group of local women to provide area girls gowns, shoes and accessories for their high school prom. The project is open to all area girls and is free of cost. Girls are asked to continue the cycle of giving by returning items back to the project after their prom. Learn more at JohnstownCinderellaProject.org.

    The Artist

    Hailing from parts unknown (he lives in York, PA now), Zachary Rupert is a two-time graduate of a for-profit art school that closed because its parent company was being investigated and sued for misleading claims in its efforts to recruit students. He has been active in the design field for over 10 years, and is currently a senior designer at YRK Creative. He also is the dude behind Rupert Beard, his own design and apparel line (go buy a sweatshirt, it's probably cold out).