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    The Need

    Rob Palmer was recently diagnosed with leukemia and because of his low immunity also has a fungus eating his gums. A wonderful man, a loyal friend, and a very caring person, Rob was recommended to us by his friends who want to help him pay for his overwhelming medical expenses. Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation through his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Steve Ardo is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Buffalo, NY. After graduating from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design in 2012, he has since been actively involved with the local "do it yourself" (DIY) music community. His portfolio includes over two dozen hand-drawn flyers for basement punk shows along with T-shirt designs, album art, and other artwork for local musicians. Never one to give up in the face of adversity, he has survived 7 years of homelessness and life's misfortunes while still pursuing his dream of being an artist. He hopes to one day use his creative talent to help other young adults in the LGBTQ community struggling with homelessness along with individuals who are affected by HIV and AIDS. Steve is a lover of punk and ska music and of other handsome dudes.

    You can see more of his artwork and read more about his story at: