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    The Need

    In 2001, Dominik Hasek created Hasek's Heroes to establish a developmental hockey program for economically disadvantaged youth in Buffalo. Through Hasek's Heroes, inner-city youth would have the equipment, ice time and coaching needed to play ice hockey. But beyond that, they would have a safe haven, role models, academic tutoring and team building skills, all of which could effectively change the future for hundreds of youth each year. Learn more at HASEKSHEROES.ORG.

    The Sponsor

    Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP (CTBK) is a locally-owned and operated full-service accounting firm providing businesses and individuals assurance, accounting, tax, and business consulting services. Thanks to the support of Western New York, we have grown and developed for over 22 years. Our services to local companies and support to the community is our way to give back. We are proud to be Buffalo supporters!