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    The Need

    Latasha Pheto-Howard has served as an LEO with the Buffalo Police Department for over 15 years. Buffalo, New York has been her home since relocating from her hometown of Rochester over 20 years ago. She takes pride in serving and being a member of the diverse City of Buffalo. 

    In May 2022, Latasha visited New York City for Memorial Day weekend when, tragically, a drunk driver drove off of the road and struck her while she was on a the sidewalk. She sustained serious injuries and was immediately transported to the trauma unit of Jacobi Hospital. Latasha was out of work for nearly two years and on unpaid medical leave for the past seven months. She finally received medical clearance to return to light-duty this past January 31, 2024.

    Latasha continues her healing journey from this accident that interrupted many aspects of her life. Funds from this campaign will help Latasha to bring bills current that went unpaid while she was on medical leave. If you'd like to further support Latasha, please consider a donation to her GoFundMe.

    The Artist

    Garret Wolowski has always had a traditional, passionate, and creative personality.

    Beginning at a young age with crayons and colored pencils to recreate sports logos and cartoon characters, his artistic path has led him to graduate from Villa Maria College with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.

    Garret Wolowski considers his specialty to be layout design, with an avid interest in sports logos and uniforms.