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    The Need

    The Mulliganeers

    Mulliganeers was formed several years ago by a group of longtime friends who would hear different tragic stories involving children. Although many times they would individually offer financial assistance to the family in need, they knew that collectively they could accomplish so much more. Thus, Mulliganeers was formed.

    The Mulliganeers is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising funds for children and families in need. The main method of our fundraising is through our annual St. Patrick’s Party in March, annual Golf Outing in September, and associated fundraising events throughout the year. Recipients of charitable donations generated by the Mulliganeers are determined annually by the Board of Directors and may vary from year to year. The recipients, however, are ALWAYS children.

    The Henry Schueler 41 & 9 Foundation

    Inspired by the life and wishes of Henry Schueler, the Henry Schueler 41 & 9 Foundation was founded to make a profound impact and change lives for the more than 3,000+ children diagnosed with high-risk, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) annually. ALL is the most common type of childhood cancer and 3 of 4 children diagnosed with leukemia are diagnosed with ALL. It’s most common in children younger than 5. The five year survival rate for children with ALL has greatly improved over time and is now 89%. Many patients who undergo cancer treatments, as well as others who develop diabetes, lupus, and undergo organ transplants, become immuno-suppressed and subsequently are at higher risk of developing life-threatening fungal infections such as Mucormycosis, a rare but serious condition caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes.

    The Foundation’s goals are to dedicate funds to address both conditions through donations and annual fundraising events. We have contributed to significant medical advances and partner with leading institutions around the country.

    The Sponsor

    The Young Irish Fel­low­ship Club of Chicago is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-based orga­ni­za­tion invit­ing peo­ple of all eth­nic back­grounds to explore the Irish cul­ture, meet new friends in the com­mu­nity, and help sup­port Chicagoland charities.

    We are an entirely vol­un­teer orga­ni­za­tion with lim­ited over­head, with well over 90% of our pro­ceeds going directly towards the char­i­ties we serve. While we pro­mote the Irish cul­ture with our events, our club is open to peo­ple of every eth­nic origin. The YIFC has hosted Forever Green, the largest and best St. Patrick's Day party in Chicago, for 40 years.