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    The Need

    Founded in 1993, CommunityHealth is dedicated to serving the uninsured and underserved in Chicago and surrounding communities. Every year, CommunityHealth provides more than 15,000 medical and dental visits to thousands of patients. This level of care is made possible thanks to the time and talent of more than 1,000 volunteers, including 350+ providers (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, counselors, etc.) who donate nearly 40,000 hours of their time every year.

    As the largest volunteer-based free medical facility in the nation, CommunityHealth offers demonstrated success and an innovative model for providing compassionate and comprehensive medical and dental care to the uninsured.

    The Artist

    Raitis Supe is a Latvian designer, husband, and a father of four. He wholeheartedly believes that God is the designer of the earth and the people in it. Raitis is passionate about creating designs related to sports. To contact Raitis for future projects, please see his Instagram: @raitis.supe