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    The Need

    Levi Coulter was born with an undiagnosed condition and was not going to let that change a thing. He worked so hard daily along side his mother and father, showing them what true love, dedication and strength truly was. Levi fought so hard daily, however his little two and a half year old body couldn't take it anymore and sadly he left this earth on Monday 1/14/19. His parents, Sarah and Matt, dedicated their lives to ensuring Levi had everything he needed, therapies, G-Tube Feeds, appointments, trips to specialists and so much more. Sarah stayed home with Levi, leaving her job at a local hospital, to assist in his day-to-day needs. She and Matt will soon face stacking bills and the hardships that follow laying a child to rest. We want to help. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to their online fundraiser.