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    The Need

    In November 2016, River Dennis started experiencing unexplained sporadic vomiting, where after a short hospital stay looking for the cause, he was discharged with a reflux prescription and no real answers. On Thanksgiving Day it was noticed that his left eye was turning in and quickly following it was also apparent that the whole left side of his little face was beginning to droop. He was sent to Lurie's Children's Hospital in Chicago where MRV and MRI scans on his brain showed a tumor with some cysts located on his brain stem. With only a few days to prepare, a successful surgery was performed on December 12th (just nine days after his first birthday) and his neurosurgeon was able to remove most of the tumor. Pathology has confirmed that River has a rare, cancerous tumor due to a genetic mutation that is known within the family. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Brandon Moore is a graphic artist specializing in modern logo design built on timeless ideas. He yells at the TV during football games and believes good art is well designed, and good design is artfully done.