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    The Need

    On September 7, 2007, at the age of 18 months, Jake Schied was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, also known as eye cancer. For 9 months Jake endured chemo, with the hopes of saving his vision and his life. In March 2008, Jake's left eye was removed after 50 new tumors were discovered. Then in May 2008 another threatening tumor was discovered in his right eye, bringing the family to Philadelphia to work with some of the most renowned doctors for retinoblastoma. After radiation plaque, Jake was declared cancer free in June of 2008. For 3 years, Jake remained cancer free. Then, in July 2011, more tumors were discovered in his right eye. This diagnosis brought Jake monthly trips back to Philadelphia, again working with the best doctors, the most up to date chemo treatments, and the best care Jake could have. However, with Jake's body rejecting every chemo treatment, his last remaining eye had to be removed in June of 2014, to keep the cancer from spreading and possibly taking his life. This has left Jake blind.

    Jake is still an active 9 year old boy. He has adapted well to life being blind. He is an avid Chicago sports fan. He is working hard in school learning Braille and working to adapt to life as a blind person.

    In Jake's 7 of his 9 years of life, he has endured over 100 surgeries. His family had traveled to Philadelphia almost monthly the last several years. While Jake is cancer free, the medical bills and the travel expenses are still lingering with the family.