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    The Need

    On February 21st, Zaiden Boyle fell 18 feet from a ski chairlift and broke his femur and jaw. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to correct the femur break. The family then had to travel to a different hospital to get his jaw (broken in 3 places) repaired. The pending medical bills are already an overwhelming thought for Zaiden's family. Matt (his father), a local painter and firefighter, has already started driving taxi at night to help cover their bills during the slow winter months. The insurance they have for Zaiden will only cover $10,000 of his medical expenses leaving what promises to be tens of thousands of dollars for the family to pick up. Click here for MORE INFO.

    The Artist

    Elias Stein is a freelance illustrator and designer from Illinois. His clients include ESPN, Grantland, Men's Health, Variety, Adweek, and more. When he's not working, he's rooting on his favorite Chicago sports teams. See more of his work at eliasstein.com.