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    The Need

    In December of 2014 Amanda was blessed with her second child, a little baby girl. At Amanda's six-week check up she had her doctor check a lump that she had found. Shortly after Amanda was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, in February 2015. With two young children at home, Amanda has a long year ahead of her as she receives treatment. We want to help. Read more about Amanda: INFO

    The Artist

    Type08 is a logo and visual identity designer from Croatia with a huge experience in the field. He has designed about 500 logos so far for companies and brands worldwide. Besides his work, he is also a huge sports enthusiast and you can often catch him in the middle of the night watching NBA games live, airing late in his country. No stranger to supporting charity and good causes, he willingly accepted our invitation to join us in our project. Check out more about his work: INFO