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    The Need

    5 year old Anthony, who just started kindergarten at Mount Greenwood elementary this fall, has been diagnosed with a rare rapid growing brain tumor, DIPG. This is a disease that typically strikes at the heart of childhood and is desperately in need of a cure. A cure for DIPG could lead to a cure for all cancers. In addition to hanging ribbons around the neighborhood and spreading the word for support and prayers, donations will be used specifically to help pay for: travel to doctors appointments, medical bills that exceed what the insurance company will cover, costs associated with experiences Anthony would like to have during his fight (make-a-wish / "everyday is Anthony's birthday" type of things), and groceries & utility bills during Anthony's Mom's unpaid portion of her medical leave from work. You can learn more about Anthony on his Facebook page.

    The Artist

    Katharina Velez is a freelance graphic designer who currently lives in the Chicago area. She loves design, rescue dogs, and, of course, hockey. You can see more of her work by visiting her website, or follow her hockey Twitter: @KattyCorner.