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    The Need

    Owen Brautigam was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia early May 2015. Initially, it was thought to be an allergic reaction to antibiotics prescribed for a sore throat that was not going away. The hospital blood work found extremely high white blood cell count and an hematologist/oncologist was immediately referred to his case. Two days later he was admitted into the hospital... Continue reading

    The Artist

    Alexa Heinrich is a hockey nut and graphic designer living in Chicago. By day, she's a project coordinator for an institution of higher education in the Loop. By night, she's a crazy wedding designer who also runs Pucks and Pixels, an online shop devoted to witty hockey designs. Her hobbies include whistling Chelsea Dagger within earshot of opposing fans, freaking out over paper swatches, and not wearing pants. For more insanity, follow her on Twitter: @QUEENCRASH.