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    The Need

    Matt Haller, 44, grew up in Elmhurst and graduated from York Community High School. ​A hockey player who has been playing three times a week against people in their 20s, he's also an Account Executive that has worked in Chicago Media for over 15 years at Univision, ESPN and currently at WCIU-TV (his second tour there)... And he has a fight on his hands with Stage 4 stomach cancer. Diagnosed with cancer in November 2017, Matt's goal right now is to stay alive as long as possible and hope for scientific research to come through and provide a cure. Matt and his family is facing this obstacle head on with a fighting attitude. Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Photoshop artist, GIF maker, jersey artist for @NumbersMLB, and frequent Cubs overreactor. You can find Randall Sanders' work on Instagram at @1up_workshop.