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    The Need

    In August 2020, Jacob’s parents brought him to a children's hospital because of an unbearably painful headache. Later that day an MRI confirmed that Jacob had a large brain tumor and small spinal tumors. He went into surgery immediately to remove most of the tumor in his brain. Pathologists later confirmed that the tumor is an aggressive type of medulloblastoma. As a result of the brain surgery he developed Posterior Fossa Syndrome which left him paralyzed in his left arm and leg and unable to speak for many weeks. Jacob has endured a six-week radiation therapy treatment and six months of chemotherapy. He has spent a large part of the past nine months in a hospital away from his two younger brothers. Sadly his post-treatment MRI earlier this month revealed that he developed new brain and spinal tumors despite recently completing a heavy chemotherapy regimen. While the prognosis is not good, the family is being sustained by the Lord who provides hope and peace in the midst of suffering.Jacob and his family are Bills fans who live in the Indianapolis area. Jacob's mother is a life-long Bills fan who has enjoyed sharing her love for the bills with her three sons, Jacob, being the oldest. This picture of Jacob was taken on the day of the Bills Ravens playoff game. Jacob had to be hospitalized but that didn't stop his parents and his nurse - a Buffalo native and Bills fan! - from making it a fun day for him.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

    The West Herr Auto Group is the largest automotive vehicle retailer in New York. West Herr has 23 dealerships, 4 collision centers, and proudly employs over 2,000 Western New Yorkers.