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    The Need

    Since the age of thirteen, Tina has battled one healthcare obstacle after another. From seizure disorders to a kidney transplant after 7 years of hemodialysis, to going deaf due to drug interactions, and re-learning to hear after receiving cochlear implants.

    More recently, in 2018 Tina was diagnosed with Squamous cell cancer in her left eye, also due to side effects of anti-rejection drugs. After nearly three years of treatment, surgical excision of the cancer and reconstruction was performed in January 2021. Hopeful that the cancer was gone for good, Tina was devastated to learn this April that the cancer had aggressively returned. With her doctors emphasizing survival as the primary goal and no other option available, Tina underwent a full surgical removal of her left eye in early June, which included removal of lymph nodes and head/neck reconstruction.

    Simultaneously, during a PET Scan to determine if the eye cancer had spread elsewhere, suspicious lymph nodes were found in her abdomen and chest. Biopsy results confirmed a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Now fighting two forms of cancer, Tina will face six months of Chemotherapy for her Lymphoma cancer once her radiation is complete.

    Tina has been through it all - and done so with a smile on her face, all while helping others. Tina is a cool aunt, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an advocate for victims of crime and domestic abuse as the Director of Victim Witness Services for the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.

    The Sponsor

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