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    The Need

    In mid October, just 5 days before his 7th birthday, Milo Wille nearly passed out during a Cub Scout den meeting. Later that evening, he complained of headaches, and was displaying symptoms of diabetes. His mom and dad took him to the local emergency room, where a CT was ordered, and they were told there was "something there."

    They were transferred to Oishei Children's Hospital, where more testing and biopsy revealed that Milo has a craniopharyngioma, a rare type of benign brain tumor that affects 1-2 out of every 1 million children. The tumor had grown inside his pituitary gland, destroying all function and leaving him with diabetes insipidus, adrenal insufficiency, and hypothyroidism. It had also grown well into his hypothalamus, rendering it inoperable. Milo's mom has had to miss a good deal of work during his recent hospitalizations, after just coming off a maternity leave, and is gearing up for more time off as they prepare for Milo's radiation treatments (which may involve some travel). Milo's dad is currently unemployed, as he had a run in with meningitis and a defect involving the menenges in the last year, which earned him his own brain surgery and resulted in the permanent, almost total loss of his hearing.

    Milo loves music and is a talented singer and pianist. He also enjoys karate and cub scouts. He is big brother to Eben, age 5, and Jude, 6 months, and loves his brothers fiercely. Milo is also a huge Buffalo Bills fan, proudly sporting his Ed Oliver jersey every Sunday! He is 100% convinced that this whole ordeal is his "origin story," and that he will emerge with an as of yet unknown power, a la X-men!

    Please consider a shirt purchase to help the Wille family, or a donation to Milo's online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

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