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    The Need

    Amanda became ill on 10/11/2010. Her symptoms were similar to the 24 hour bug, however, after that day 99% of what she attempted to eat came up violently. It took almost a year and visits to several doctors and hospitals to finally have a diagnosis: Gastroparesis. GP, as it is known, is still a mystery in the medical community. Essentially, the Vagus nerve is damaged which interrupts communication between the brain and the stomach. It can present itself in a an array of different severities with the most mild of cases being where a person has a "flare", in which several types of food sit in the stomach for a day or more causing nausea and discomfort. The worse case scenario is what Amanda has, where she is in a constant state of a flare that does not subside and she vomits violently after eating. She is currently fed intravenously with TPN (liquid food), but her body often rejects it. All other treatments have failed, including a gastric stimulator to help with nausea, feeding tubes into her small bowel (which also backs up, keeping bowel movements to once a month or so on average). There is no cure for GP, only treating the symptoms. Amanda lives in a constant state of malnutrition, which means she lives in a constant state of pain as her body consumes muscle, tendons, and tissue. The leading authority that advocates on behalf of Gastroparesis is g-pact.org. You can learn more about Amanda's situation courtesy of this 2017 news report.

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