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    The Need

    Meet Jack! At just 3 years old, Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after his immune system attacked his pancreas, destroying his body's ability to create insulin. Now he must be pricked at least 15 times a day and injected with insulin multiple times a day to stay alive! Jack and his family are raising money to buy a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD). DAD's are able to smell changes in blood glucose and alert a handler before levels become deadly. A DAD will be a valuable tool Jack's family can use to keep him safe and help manage his Type 1 Diabetes. Please consider a shirt purchase to help! You can learn more about Jack from this recent local news story.

    The Artist

    "I have season tickets, but I rarely make it to games anymore.... I'm a bad fan. I got engaged on the field at Training Camp. I make signs and wrap vehicles to pay the bills, and when I'm not there, I'm home playing with my 2 daughters (both under 2.5 years old) so my beautiful wife can relax, and thus, will stay married to me. Some weekends I put on a uniform and carve another notch in my 18.5+ year career in the Army Reserve. I've been getting paid to design for something like 18 years, and the last 12 or so years I've been working in the sign industry. I'm stoked to be the designer AND sponsor of the ORIGINAL, BUFFALO 26 Shirts, Volume 5, Shirt 2."

    The Sponsor

    For more than 10 years, Prolifiq Signs has been committed to providing their customers throughout Central New York with high-quality signage, vehicle graphics, banners, and more. Their award-winning design staff creates custom branding and graphic design that rival the quality of the most trendy boutique designers, and the largest branding/advertising agencies, all for a reasonable cost. Their expert production and installation staff uses the latest materials, techniques, and processes to create durable, high-quality signs and vehicle graphics. Banners, yard signs, decals... they've got those. Want to do something crazy like wrap a floor or a wall with custom graphics? They can do that too. Do you have something in mind that isn't already mentioned... just ask. "We'll try" usually turns into "we succeeded."

    Your simplest need to your wildest dream... if it involves putting your brand or logo on something, let Prolifiq Signs help you create the perfect solution!