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    The Need

    Nick O'Neil was an active and supportive husband, father, friend and general good citizen before his passing on November 20, 2016 at the young age of 27. He was together with his wife and high school sweetheart, Trina for 10 years and left behind 3 beautiful children; 6-year-old Nicholas Jr., 3-year-old Brayden and 5-month-old Isabelle. He was an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed taking them to playgrounds, the beach, carousel parks, amusement parks and other fun attractions. Nick also frequently supported local charities and participated in amateur recreational sports. In February 2016, in a surprising and saddening turn of events, following some routine testing, Nick received a colorectal cancer diagnosis. His cancer also spread to the bone, including the arm, shoulder blade, ribs, hip and spine. Through this, he received numerous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments have put their family in a difficult situation. We want to help! Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to the online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

    19 IDEAS is a New York State Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) specializing in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations, design, and web and software development. 19 IDEAS' dynamic team of creators, visionaries and entrepreneurs is fueled everyday by the power of an idea and is tirelessly determined to unlock possibilities for our clients. Check them out on the web at www.19ideas.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/19IDEAS.