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    The Need

    Calvin Carr was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia pre-B on July 1, 2010. Calvin had an allogeneic bone marrow transplant on 1/21/11 and suffers from GvHD. He was later diagnosed with mucoepidermoid carcinoma this past January. You can learn more about Calvin at his Facebook page.

    The Artist

    Dave Rappoccio went to College at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and earned a degree in Film/Animation. He currently spends most of his time making sports art for the internet, and is most known for his NFL logo humorous redesigns. His work has been featured on ESPN's NFL Live, Deadspin, CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC sports, USA Today, The NY Post, Buzzfeed, Campus Insiders and various other publications. He has done work for Sports on Earth, The Guardian, Mandatory.com, Bleacher Report, Draftpedia, and The Classical. He has also been published in UC Quarterly. You can check out his popular web comic at TheDrawPlay.com.

    The Sponsor

    Shawna of McGreevy Cakes is a cake artist and blogger who specializes in teaching the art of cake decorating. She offers online courses and has also traveled the world teaching her craft. Her work has been featured in several international cake magazines including American Cake Decorating, Cake Masters, and Sweet Magazine. You can view her work and check out her blog at www.mcgreevycakes.com.