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    The Need

    LeSean McCoy's Shades of Greatness Foundation provides direct support to individuals battling ALS to ensure a comfortable quality of life; and supporting their family and caregivers in providing quality life care. Additionally, the Foundation provides support to organizations working to find both cures and treatments for people currently living with this deadly neurodegenerative disease. LEARN MORE

    The Artist

    Wendy started designing 12 years ago, when her daughter was born, creating scrapbook pages documenting their life together. Her style of design is clean, simple and graphic.

    Wendy's designs have been published in numerous magazines, she has created for many manufacturers and is currently on two digital scrapbooking design teams.

    In addition to scrapbooking, Wendy loves to create sports edits of NFL teams and other famous athletes. She was thrilled to be able help out designing this shirt for this such a great cause.

    The Sponsor

    Lawley Insurance is a full-service, independent insurance agency, founded 60 years ago. Established in Buffalo, N.Y. where they're still headquartered, their story has been one of steady, well-managed growth with deep community involvement. They've consistently been recognized among the Top 100 brokers in the U.S., and the Lawley team now includes more than 370 employees, with branch offices across Upstate New York and into New Jersey. LEARN MORE