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    The Need

    Pearson Syndrome (PS) is a multi-system disease caused by a deletion in mitochondrial DNA. The hallmark features are sideroblastic anemia and pancreatic insufficiency. PS is often fatal in infancy. In addition to the hematological and pancreatic symptoms, PS can impair the heart, kidneys, eyes, ears and brain. Survivors develop Kearns-Sayre Syndrome.

    Since its discovery in 1979 by Howard Pearson, there have only been around 100 cases reported in the medical literature. PS is probably under-diagnosed, since few doctors are aware of the disease's existence, much less its symptoms.

    The Champ Foundation was founded in 2015 in honor of William Reynolds, who was diagnosed with Pearson Syndrome when he was two months old. William has been severely anemic and neutropenic since birth, but has yet to experience any other symptoms of the disease. It is very likely that he will, unless we can better understand Pearson Syndrome and how to alter its course.

    The Artist

    Dylan Winters is a 25 year old Graphic Designer focusing on sports identity, logo design and branding. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but now living in Uniontown, PA with his beautiful wife and daughters. In May 2014, Dylan graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Since, he has had the opportunity to freelance with the Pittsburgh Pirates and is always looking for opportunities in the sports design industry.

    You can find examples of his work at:

    The Sponsor

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