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    The Need

    Charles Battaglia was recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Due to limited insurance coverage, copays, prescriptions, and other unpaid medical costs, we're offering this shirt to help raise funds for upcoming medical expenses. He is currently receiving treatment and will continue to undergo further treatments in the upcoming weeks. Please consider a shirt purchase, or a donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Mike West is an illustrator and graphic artist with an affinity for doodles, posters and printmaking. His creativity is fueled by burritos, craft beer, and punk rock. A Buffalo native with his roots in the West Side, Mike proudly calls the Queen City his home. You can view his work at mikewesteveryday.com, and follow him on Instagram— mikewesteveryday— for posts of his sketches (and cats).

    The Sponsor

    Uncle Bob's Self Storage is one of the largest operators of self storage facilities in the world. They currently own or manage over 550 locations in 26 states and serve nearly 300,000 customers.