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    The Need

    In November 2012, Jonathan Hecht was attending college when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He still had an amazing semester and managed to become an EMT, although he is now not practicing due to his illness. Jonathan has many complications from the disease and treatments. He was hospitalized for seven and a half months due to a deadly, flesh-eating fungal infection that affected his nasal cavities, sinuses, and cerebellum and was given a 1% survival rate. He has since gone through numerous surgeries in the last 2 years and was trying to move forward until mid-January 2015 when he was told he now has a brain tumor and would have to be scheduled for laser treatment. He's also recently been told that he must have a liver biopsy immediately. Your purchase of this shirt will assist the Hecht family as they attempt to deal with the enormous medical bills they've accumulated over the past two and a half years. MORE INFO

    The Artist

    Dave Cervi was born and raised in Buffalo. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University at Buffalo. He currently works as an illustrator and social media manager for Delta Sonic. If you would like to contact Dave directly for work, find him on Twitter @davidjcervi or email davidjcervi [at] gmail [dot] com.