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    The Need

    Kirsten "Kk" Sacco is 2 years old and was diagnosed in May 2015, with Neurofibromatosis type 1, an optic glioma (brain tumor) which has caused her to go legally blind. Kirsten receives chemotherapy every week, along with MRI's every 3 months. She sees numerous therapists weekly for many delays she has encountered due to the tumor. Read more about Kk at her Facebook page.

    The Artist

    Joshua Benkelman is the Creative Director at 26 Shirts.

    The Sponsor

    The Fit Physique, Western New York's choice for children's dance as well as women's fitness and dance instruction, takes pride in "Focusing on the Skills, not the Frills!" Check them out in Kenmore at 2827 Delaware Avenue or online at TheFitPhysique.net.