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    The Need

    On December 20, 2013, Doctors discovered a 4cm mass in the right thalamus of Nathan's brain. After originally considering an aggressive treatment plan that would include radiation and chemotherapy, Nate's doctors decided that due to the size and location of the tumor, Nate's chance of survival would be greater if they performed surgery and try to safely reduce the size of the tumor.

    Nathan and his family have come a long way in such a short amount of time. They also have much further to go. Their upcoming journey and road to recovery will be overwhelming and filled with many bumps, twists and turns.

    For more information on Nathan, check out Nathan's fundraiser page.

    The Artist

    Jordan Marrs is a senior Sports Management student at Niagara University. Jordan currently works at the Nike Factory Store and interns with the Buffalo Sabres. In addition to various other graphic design work, Jordan has contributed to 26 Shirts previously with Buffalo Football and InFREDible. You can follow him on Twitter at @J_Marrs_.