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    The Need

    Eric Carvajal was diagnosed with stage 4 leiomyosarcoma cancer in August of 2011. After being told he did not have long to live, he began the strongest chemo in January 2012. Eric's chemo treatments lasted 7 months which stabilized the cancer for 3 months but then it came back stronger and more aggressive than before. When Eric was told he was no longer a candidate for chemo, he was ready to try something different.

    His search for an alternative treatment led him to a clinic in Mexico: "Hope 4 Cancer." His first visit at H4C was in April 2013. Eric stayed at the clinic for 3 weeks receiving natural IV treatments that were shrinking his tumors! He was sent home with a 3 month home care program. With the help of friends and family, Eric was able to pay for some of his IV treatments... but not all of them. The cancer is now growing and Eric really needs these treatments but can't afford the costs.

    For more information on Eric, check out Eric's Cancer Fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Rochelle Wade, aka @SuperWomanSF, is the creator of the popular "RokABody" designs that you've probably seen professional athletes repping all over social media and television.

    Do you have a design you want to bring to life? No matter how big or how small the project, she can design it! EclipzingDezignz.com