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    The Need

    Eleanor was diagnosed with High-Risk Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ella only has a 40 - 60% survival rate of five years. But she is fighting with all of her might.

    Benjamin has been diagnosed with an Arnold-Chiari Malformation (for which he has already had two brain decompression surgeries), Syringomyelia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and severe asthma. Benjamin has a team of ten different doctors that he meets with regularly, along with regular MRI's, blood work, and other tests as needed. His doctors are trying to control his many different symptoms (seizures, pain, numbness and tingling in his limbs, sleep apnea, choking, fatigue, migraines, neck pain, severe gastrointestinal problems) and continue to look for explanations for the symptoms and pain he goes through.

    Both kids receive weekly occupational therapy and physical therapy.

    Learn more about them here: LINK

    The Artist

    Brian Coger is a freelance artist and owner of Coger Sports, sports memorabilia and autographs. Some of Brian's clientele has included NFL players Andy Levitre, George Wilson, David Nelson, Tyron Smith and Richard Sherman.

    For custom painted bobbleheads and any sports memorabilia, Brian can be reached at @CaptOTM or @Coger_Sports.

    Website: www.cogersports.com
    Twitter: @CaptOTM / @Coger_Sports