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    The Need

    Paul is currently fighting stage 4 melanoma and undergoing intensive immunotherapy called Interleukin 2. More information: LINK.

    The Artist

    Eric S. Bodamer, a Buffalo native, is currently the Sr. Designer for NHL Uniforms with Reebok/Adidas. He cut his teeth in sports design with Nike, where he also designed uniforms for the NHL, and the 1998 Nagano Olympic hockey tournament (yes, the Czech jersey Hasek wore winning gold) as well as rebranding of the Denver Broncos and Oregon Ducks. With stints at Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap and Target during his career, Eric continues to freelance with Lifestyle brands such as Salt Life and Stormy Kromer.

    You can hear more about his journey in sports design on the Makers of Sport podcast, episode 60.

    Twitter: @ericbodamer
    LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/ericsbodamer