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    The Need

    Tim Day suffers from Hypereosinophilic Syndrome. As a result of his condition, he is in desperate need of a heart transplant. He currently is getting by with implanted left ventricle assist device pump.

    Tim has served his community for 18 years as a Town of Tonawanda police officer and Ken-Ton school district DARE officer.

    Learn more about Tim here: LINK

    The Artist

    Ian is a huge Bills fan from Arkansas. He became a fan in 1998, thanks to Doug Flutie, and have loved this team since.

    By day, Jeremy Weber is a graphic designer at Kohl's Department Stores. By night he turns his attention to his hobby of custom sports figures. Jeremy is a diehard Packers fan who bleeds the green & gold but he almost always went with Buffalo when it came to Tecmo Super Bowl. How can you deny the greatness that is QB Bills with weapons like Andre Reed and James Lofton?