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    The Need

    4 year-old Levi McCord doesn't spend his days playing at the park or just having fun like other children do. Instead, he's hooked up to machines and wearing a medical mask as he fights a rare genetic disease.

    Levi has been diagnosed by doctors at Lurie Children's Hospital with HOOD syndrome. HOOD syndrome causes kidney failure and blindness. It also releases a protein into his system that breaks down his organs. Additionally, he has cyclic vomit syndrome where his body doesn't know how to stop vomiting once it starts. Doctors have also identified a connective tissue issue that causes severe immunity issues which has resulted in him suffering from daily excessive bleeding out of his mouth and nose. As a result, he must wear a medical mask in public at all times.

    HOOD syndrome is so rare there are only 185 people living in the US with it. Levi is one of only two children under the age of nine who has it. There are less than 300 cases globally. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser.