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    The Need

    Peyton Longo, beneficiary

    Peyton Longo is a sports-loving 15 year old high school sophomore from Cheektowaga. He is a fan of the Bills, Sabres, Bisons, UB Bulls football, Toronto Blue Jays and LA Dodgers. Peyton is the scorekeeper for his high school varsity baseball team, the Maryvale Flyers. He is consistently on the Honor Roll and excels academically, and is a persistent boy who lets nothing stop him from achieving his goals. He was diagnosed with Bethlem Myopathy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, in 2010. Last year, as a result of a large growth spurt, the muscles in Peyton’s legs became unable to support his body weight. As he is unable to walk, he has used a wheelchair as his way to get around ever since. Because Peyton’s Muscular Dystrophy is a form that does not impair him cognitively, he is ineligible for Medicaid. He is in need of a wheelchair ramp, a properly fitted wheelchair, and some home modifications to make it easier for him to maneuver. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser!