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    The Need

    Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center enriches the lives of adults, children and families by providing educational, therapeutic and communication programs and services.

    The Artist

    Sylvester Osorio, also known as PIGBOOM, is a self-taught artist. He loves to draw stuff and make t-shirt designs. Pigboom designs are based on a hit-or-miss philosophy. He may randomly hit good designs or miss completing them.

    Website: pigboom.com
    Email: pigboom@gmail.com

    The Sponsor

    BankOnBuffalo is a division of CNB Bank and is being developed locally by the people and business leaders of Buffalo, NY.  Designed specifically for small to medium size businesses, their owners and employees, BankOnBuffalo provides local decision-making and the personalized customer service of a community bank and is committed to growth in the Buffalo market.