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    The Need

    The Foundation's mission is to preserve the values of Alix Rice through her legacy as a longboard and skateboard enthusiast by soliciting funds to financially support the erection and preservation of a skate park as a safe, centrally located meeting place separate from traffic available to all Amherst residents which will promote and empower the youth as stewards of the creative force that adds diversity to our local community through skateboarding as a recreational activity within the Amherst community. To secure a 10,000 – 16,000 sq.ft. public skatepark in memory of Alix Rice.

    The Artist

    Concept by Carolyn Perillo.
    Carolyn Perillo is a mash-up of an illustrator and designer living in Buffalo, NY. So, naturally she is a (Buffalo) sports fan. She is available for all sorts of design-y and illustrate-y freelance work.

    Website: http://crayolaperillo.com
    E-mail: crayolaperillo@gmail.com

    Design by Tommy Creenan.
    Tommy always loved to draw and create things, but never imagined he would ever be able to use his creative talents professionally. Luckily, his 17 year-old self was dead wrong. He went on to earn a degree in Digital Media Arts from Canisius College.

    Website: http://tommyjohncreenan.com
    E-mail: tommycreenan@gmail.com