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    The Need

    Early morning on March 3rd, a violent tornado raged through downtown Nashville leaving a path of destruction and devastation in it's wake. Peter and Jenni Garlinghouse had little time to react and evacuate to save their lives. Sadly, their home and belongings were entirely lost along with the life of their beloved family dog, Benjamin. While things are replaceable, we mourn the loss of sweet Benjamin with them, understanding that pets are truly family and can never be replaced or forgotten. We are very thankful that both Peter and Jenni are unharmed, and hope they may find comfort and peace in this time of healing and rebuilding.

    The Sponsor

    ReviveHealth is a Nashville-based full-service agency that is all about helping healthcare brands thrive. We bring together strategy, creative, and execution under one roof and we're the only agency totally focused on health systems, services, and tech.