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    The Need

    8 year old Soren Flook, described as having a smile and giving kisses to melt your heart, accidentally nearly drowned at the age of 2 in the family pool. After the heroic efforts of his family, a neighbor, a police officer, and EMT’s, he was revived after a significant length of time. He had gone into cardiac arrest, and was without oxygen for far too long. He was unable to breathe on his own initially, but after a few tense days in the hospital he started to improve. The significant lack of oxygen unfortunately left him with severe brain damage, and an inability to walk, talk, or eat on his own. Now handicapped, Soren’s daily needs include extensive amounts of medical equipment and therapies such as therapeutic massage, dietary supplements, chiropractic care, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and potential stem cell therapy. Insurance does not cover these treatments. Additionally, his family needs to outfit their home and transportation to accommodate Soren, and as he grows their needs will only increase. The family appreciates any help in being able to adequately provide for their son, and give him the best possible life with all that he needs. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Soren's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Dylan Winters is a 25 year old Graphic Designer focusing on sports identity, logo design and branding. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but now living in Uniontown, PA with his beautiful wife and daughters. In May 2014, Dylan graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Since, he has had the opportunity to freelance with the Pittsburgh Pirates and is always looking for opportunities in the sports design industry.

    You can find examples of his work at: