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    The Need

    Katielee was diagnosed with osteosarcoma July 23, 2014. It's been a long few years of chemo and surgeries. She is now scheduled for an upcoming surgery to fix complications that arose from the first limb salvage surgery. Although she's alive and beat most of the odds, her family and she are trying to pick up the pieces of the last year or so. Please consider a shirt purchase to help!

    The Artist

    Andy Hall has been working as a graphic designer for 16 years across many design sectors. With a passion for sports branding and uniform design. With a passion for ice hockey as both a fan and player it was his pleasure to have this design used for a great cause.

    Twitter: @andytsbcreative
    Instagram: @andytsbcreative
    Website: tsbcreative.co.uk
    Behance: behance.net/tsbcreative
    Dribbble: dribbble.com/andytsbcreative