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    The Need

    After years of seeking a diagnosis, Tyler and Luke Clegg have been blessed with an answer: a gene defect known as Med 23. Tyler and Luke are the first children diagnosed in the U.S.A. and the second case founded worldwide. They are severely disabled and dependent for all of their needs. Although they cannot walk or talk, they offer more love and happiness than one can imagine. They light up the room with their smiles and giggles! The Clegg family works very hard to ensure that Tyler and Luke have all their needs met and with that comes a lot of financial strain. They are also diligent about spreading awareness for Med 23 and making others aware of this debilitating disease that surely affects other people in our world. Please keep them in your prayers and share their story with others. Thank you for your t-shirt purchase in support of Tyler and Luke!

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

    Raise awareness for these precious boys via their website, Facebook page, or GoFundMe fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Dylan Winters is a 25 year old Graphic Designer focusing on sports identity, logo design and branding. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but now living in Uniontown, PA with his beautiful wife and daughters. In May 2014, Dylan graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Since, he has had the opportunity to freelance with the Pittsburgh Pirates and is always looking for opportunities in the sports design industry.

    You can find examples of his work at: