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    The Need

    Ezra Castro, aka "Pancho Billa" was so much more than a guy in a sombrero at the Bills game. He was the President of the DFW Chapter of the Buffalo Bills Backers, an ultimate Bills fan in Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA) and supported campaigns like Fans Against Child Abuse, Fans Against Violence, NFL and MLB Go Gold for Kids Cancer. More importantly, he was a great friend; a brother; a father of two beautiful children and a loving boyfriend. With every purchase of "Pancho Power" you donate $8 to his family left behind.

    The Sponsor

    BankOnBuffalo is a division of CNB Bank and is being developed locally by the people and business leaders of Buffalo, NY.  Designed specifically for small to medium size businesses, their owners and employees, BankOnBuffalo provides local decision-making and the personalized customer service of a community bank and is committed to growth in the Buffalo market.