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    The Need

    On Wednesday, February 10th, Alex Betzel was biking home when a driver hit her, ran her over and drove away, leaving her in life-threatening condition. The driver decided to turn right from the center lane to cut off cars, hitting Alex and running her over with their tires. The driver and car are still unknown and there is currently an open investigation.Alex was rushed to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where they found she lost a lot of blood, both her lungs were severely bruised and punctured by her ribs, causing them to fill with blood and one to collapse. She has nine broken ribs, with multiple being completely displaced, a broken cheek bone and a laceration on her forehead. She has since required a blood transfusion, ventilator, and surgery. Thankfully, she survived and they were able to stabilize her Wednesday evening. Alex is described as a funny, warm, and kind-hearted person who enjoys helping others, cycling, sewing, and being the best dog mom to her pitty, Grover. She enjoys working at WTTW and Uncommon Closet, an inclusive tailor shop. Her road to recovery is a bit unknown right now, but her family is confident she will navigate it. The medical bills and loss of wages are mounting, and we want to help! Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Alex's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Rob Bratney is a graphic designer in Chicago, Illinois. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Rob later attended Pratt Institute in New York City, where he received his Master’s degree in design in 2013. Rob has since lived and freelanced in Virginia and Wisconsin, before settling down in 2016 with his wife and daughter in Chicago.