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    The Need

    Anne Zawaski, after a long battle with epilepsy, passed away on January 19th, 2017.

    During her decade long battle with epilepsy, including several seizures, she was helped by many friends, family, professionals and doctors.

    Anne discovered the doctors at Rush Hospital's Epilepsy Center after her local doctor retired. At Rush, she found a level of care and attention that made living with her condition much more tolerable. Rush also found answers to several questions other doctors were unable to uncover.

    We ask that you help honor Anne's memory by donating to Rush's Epilepsy Center, so others don't have to suffer the way she did.

    The Artist

    Billy O'Keefe splits his professional life between writing code, writing words, drawing pictures, making art and any other hobby he can find a way to turn into a living. He recently wrote and illustrated his first book, "These are My Friends on Politics," which is in bookstores now. He gets easily distracted by hockey, baseball, basketball and every dog he sees, including the one he's looking at right now while writing this.

    Check out his words and pictures at billyok.com and friendsonpolitics.com, and say hi to @billyok on Twitter.