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    The Need

    On May 26th, 27 year old Emily Corral was diagnosed with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma of the neck. Emily soon learned that while sarcoma only makes up for 1% of adult cancers per year, it is aggressive and even after proper treatment it is likely to come back. After careful consideraton by her physicians, it was determined that surgery should be done before any kind of radiation treatment, due to Emily's relatively young age. (This specific cancer is typically found in people 50-60 years old.) The hope was that surgery would be all that was required. On July 12th, following a June 26th surgery which removed over 40 lymph nodes from her neck, Emily learned that the sarcoma had already spread past what was expected in surgery and that radiation would in fact be necessary. She began radiation on July 20th, with the possbility of chemotherapy afterwards following her expected end date of August 30th. We want to help! Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Emily's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Jacob Martinez, originally from El Paso, Texas, now lives in Chicago and has studied Graphic Design at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Able to see art in just about anything, he uses his love of Chicago sports, street art, and Rap music to create pieces that are simple yet significant.

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