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    The Need

    Since 1999, Neighborhood Food Pantries has provided food security to their neighbors in need, as well as monetary assistance for housing, utilities, medical care/prescriptions, etc. Their mission is to effectively distribute food and emergency assistance in Northwest DuPage through community and faith partnerships, collaborations, volunteer efforts, and ongoing fundraising.

    The Artist

    Jacob Martinez, originally from El Paso, Texas, now lives in Chicago and has studied Graphic Design at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Able to see art in just about anything, he uses his love of Chicago sports, street art, and Rap music to create pieces that are simple yet significant.

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    Twitter: @alwayscreate_
    Instagram: alwayscreate_

    The Sponsor

    Founded in 1967 in Niagara Falls, NY, Delta Sonic Car Wash has 29 locations throughout Western and Central New York, Chicago, Illinois and Erie, Pennsylvania.