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    The Need

    Shane Camp, 16, has lost a severe amount of weight and has spent much of the last fourteen weeks in the hospital as doctors try to figure out the cause of the weight loss, dangerously low blood pressure and severe nerve pain. In the last year, his father and grandmother have passed away, so it has been a very tough time for the Camp family, especially Shane, outside of his own health issues. With the hospital bills starting to roll in, his mother has been with him the entirety of his hospital stay and has not been able to work for a majority of that time, while also having to juggle the loss of her husband and mother. Without his father's health insurance, which was employer-provided, the financial responsibilities for the Camp family are so significant that staying in the only house Shane has ever known, may not be possible. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Shane's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Addison Foote is a graphic artist from St. George, Utah with a passion for sports. He currently works for the NBA and musical group The Piano Guys.