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    The Need

    Syndie Adams was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in February 2015, just a month before her husband passed away. Since then, she has gone through two rounds of chemo, gotten shingles, and had a double mastectomy this past October. Unable to to work, Syndie developed lymphedema in her right arm and neuropathy in her hands and feet. She is currently continuing to undergo chemotherapy for Inflammatory Carcinoma, which is extremely painful. As she continues to become more and more piled up in medical bills, we want to help!

    The Artist

    Victor Vela II has been a graphic artist with over 10 years of experience. Art has always been a huge part of his life and since he was a child he always loved anything related to art, so he started to design at a very young age, most of his skills and knowledge are self taught. Victor has worked with a gamut of NFL players (former and current) as well as MLB players such as, former Chicago Cub pitcher Kerry Wood. Working with non-profit organizations has been Victor's main objective. In 2014, Victor was asked to create the logo for the 25th Anniversary of the movie site Field of Dreams.

    You can see previous works of art at:

    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/idesignabetterworld
    TWITTER: twitter.com/3vgrafvix
    INSTAGRAM: 3vgrafvix