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    The Need

    In October 2014, Evan Martinez suddenly stopped eating. He was afraid to even swallow his own saliva. He began picking at his skin in order to self soothe and developed abscesses on his arms and legs. Within a matter of a few days, already well underweight, Evan dropped ten pounds and was on the brink of hospitalization. A once vibrant little boy became weak and was unable to function at school. His pediatrician referred him to a local facility that specializes in childhood mental health. Evan was diagnosed with OCD and severe anxiety and was admitted into a 12 week partial hospitalization program. With Evan's care extending into the summer of 2015, and with the addition of other unforeseen expenses in between, his family finds themselves in medical debt and fighting to keep their home. Evan is now thriving physically and mentally and despite their current financial situation, his parents are happy he received all the care that he did.

    The Artist

    Katie (@katiemucci) has worked in college athletics for the past two and a half years, since her days at the University of Northern Colorado. She is a self-proclaimed social media semi-pro and has been fortunate enough to speak to groups at multiple national conventions. Graphic design is a passion for Katie, though it is a small part of her day-to-day job.
    Portfolio: http://muccikatie.wix.com/katiemuccidesigns
    Twitter/Instagram: @katiemucci