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    The Need

    Haven Parker is a three year old little girl who has been through 14 surgeries and 46 weeks of hospitalization. She was born with idiopathic gastroparesis. Idiopathic means source unknown. Doctors know the problem lies somewhere within her vagus nerve, but how to correct it is unknown. Essentially there is management procedures, but no cure.

    Since Haven was 3 months old, she has lived with tubes. She lived with an NG tube, then a G tube, the a GJ tube, then a broviac, then a G tube AND a J tube. Currently she takes all foods and medicines through her intestinal tube. NOTHING goes into her stomach, hasn't in over 2 years.

    Haven's family is in the process of traveling to Boston and Ohio, and continuing treatment at Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester. They have been financially hammered with medical expenses.

    The Artist

    While Michael Biondo may currently reside in Sarasota, FL... his heart and soul remain in Buffalo, NY, where he was born and raised. Michael owns Biondo Art, through which he provides a wide variety of art services: everything from traditional arts to digital graphics, print media, and web development. He enjoys creating artwork for any occasion, especially charity events and benefits. You can reach out to him through social media at:

    Twitter: @BiondoArt
    Instagram: @BiondoArt